About Heather

I have always been tall throughout my entire life. Every year I was the tallest kid in my class. I actually peaked at the height of 6’5 ˝” at the age of 15 years old. It wasn’t until then, that I realized how nice it was to be tall. I truly enjoy being the original person that I am. My hobbies include: water sports, snow skiing, traveling, foreign culture, oil painting, and interior design. My all-time favorite pastime is lying on the beach, listening the rolling surf and occasional cry of a seagull passing by. Check out some of my measurements below:


Height 6'5 1/2" , 7 1/4" in my favorite heels

Weight 210lbs

Leg Length 47"

Hips 44 1/2"

Bust 36B

Shoe Size 13M

Waist 36"

Thigh 26 1/2"

Knee 17"

Shin 16"

Ankle 10 1/2"

Wrist 6 3/4"

Biceps 13"

Neck 14"