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"Heather Haven's Clips4Sale site" 6' 5 1/2" Amazon Supermodel Heather Haven's Video Clip Download Site

"Amazon Trample Party - with Heather, Amanda & Kitty" For the first time ever, 6' 5 1/2" Heather, 6' 3" 380+ pound Amanda, and 6' 1" 265 pound Kitty are together in one video as they catch and TOTALY TRAMPLE & ABUSE the tiny thief who has broken into their hotel room at AmazonFest2004 ALSO AVAILABLE IN DVD!!!

Heather's Tiny Tutor"Little Dean" (5' 7") is shocked when his new student, Heather (7' 1/2" in heels) arrives at his house.

Heather's Step-Sister Revenge In a sequel to "Cindy-Ella and her Evil Amazon Step-Sisters" we again see 6' 5 1/2" Heather, her sister 6' 2" Brianna and 5' 2" Cindy as the "evil sisters" continue their spanking of tiny Cindy but with one very important twist!!

Heather & Mikayla's Triple Trample Little 5' 7" 135 pound Alex is home watching TV when 3 Amazons from his past, 6' 5 1/2" Heather, 6' 4" Mikayla (from www.milehighmodel.com) and 6' 2" Brianna storm in to his house demanding money back that he owes them.
  • Click here for a free video clip from "Heather & Mikayla's Triple Trample"
  • The Trampled Theif Check out for the first time ever, Heather's full weight trample and foot worship video!!! Heather and her two 6'2" Amazon friends command the little man to kiss, caress, and pamper their feet before they crush his miniature little pathetic body underneath their precious toes. You can expect a lot of trampling, foot worship, and humiliation!!!

    The Weight Was Worth It Little 5'1" Jake tryes to escape from 7' 1" (in Heels) Heather and finds out that he is no match for her. Height and Body Comparisons plus No-holds-Barred wrestling, and smothering are featured in this powerful video.

    Cindy-Ella and her Evil Amazon Step-SistersThis video features not only 6' 5 1/2" Heather but also her sister 6' 2" Brianna as they play little 5' 2" Cindy's evil step-sisters. Both of the Amazon Step-sisters decide that little Cindy needs many spanking sessions to set her right
    We decided to put in at the end of the video some great outtakes of Heather, Brianna and Cindy that had to be cut from the finished video.

    Heather's Internet Romance 5' 5" Vinny wins a date with 6' 5 1/2" Heather. Dinner, dancing, lapsitting, comparisons and a surprise cameo appearance at the end of the video by Vinny's upset girlfriend 6' 9" Kat.

    Heather Spanks The Maid 6' 5" Heather Hires and has to spank her 4' 11" maid Honey.

    Heather Smothers Honey 6' 5" Heather hears that 4' 11" Honey has been telling everyone that she can beat Heather in wrestling. But it doesn't take Heather long to "convince" Honey Who's the Boss!

    Heather Hits The Strip7'+ (In heels) Heather takes a trip to the famous Las Vegas Strip in her Showgirl costume.