"Heather & Mikayla's Triple Trample"


"Heather & Mikayla's Triple Trample"


  • Little 5' 7" 135 pound Alex is home watching TV when 3 Amazons from his past, 6' 5 1/2" Heather,
    6' 4" Mikayla (of www.MileHighModel.com)and 6' 2" Brianna, storm into his house demanding money back that he owes them.

  • Alex is Chased, Trampled, Threatened, and Tied-up by these 3 POWERFUL Amazons as they try to get their money back.

  • Not only do the Girls abuse one victim, but then another hapless male shows up posing as a Trick or Treater and our 3 Powerful Amazons proceed to also Trample, Foot Smother, and Dominate him until he whines like a baby.

  • If you enjoy Kicking, Trampling, Foot Smothering, Humilation. and Foot Worship, by three Amazons with size 14, 13 and 12 Feet then this video is for you.

  • Shot on Digital8 tape and mastered on Super VHS for Perfect Video Quality. TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 54+ MINUTES

  • Also Available in the European PAL Standard.

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     Purchase from 2Checkout for Canada and Overseas (NTSC) Standard $60.00

     Purchase from 2Checkout for Overseas (PAL) $80.00

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