"Heather's Tiny Tutor"


"Heather's Tiny Tutor"


  • "Little Dean" (5' 7") is shocked when his new student, Heather (7'+ in Heels) arrives at his house.

  • Heather comes in in a pair of short shorts smoking a huge cigar.

  • Little Dean tries his best to "measure up" to his new Towering student, but he really "comes up short".

  • This video contains many scenes of Height Comparisons, Lap Sitting, Cigar Smoking, and ducking under Dean's doorways.

  • Shot on Digital8 tape and mastered on Super VHS for Perfect Video Quality. TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 44 MINUTES

  • Also Available in the European PAL Standard.

  • NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD (Only in NTSC Format so far. Not in European PAL yet) These are DVD-R Disks and MOST DVD Players and computers will play them, but if you are in-doubt
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